Marco Blast Machines

Miles Supply offers the full line of Marco Blast Machines.
The Blastmaster® 1.5 Cu. Ft. and .35 Cu. Ft. L-Series Abrasive Blasting Pots offer a unique abrasive mixing valve that precisely controls the flow of air and abrasive during the abrasive blasting process. Comes standard with an integrated moisture separator. Typical applications include monument engraving.

PRECISION METERING: The 2-Hole Junior Abrasive Mixing Valve controls the flow of air and abrasive inside the mixing chamber, creating the optimal air and abrasive mixture for precision abrasive blasting.
PORTABILITY: The lightweight design makes the Blastmaster® 1.5 Cu. Ft. L-Series and the .35 Cu. Ft. L-Series Abrasive Blasting Pots ideal for mobile work, where the operator may be in an area difficult to access with large equipment.

Marco is known for producing the highest quality products in the industry. (formerly called Lindsay sand pot) Let Miles Supply help you decide which model is right for you!
See Sandblasting Air Requirement Reference Chart

Specifications Marco Blast Machines
Model Part # Weight Height Diameter Footprint
.35 cu/ft EA0024 80 lbs 34.25″       6″ 18.5″ x 14″
1.5 cu/ft EA0023 130 lbs 32.25″     10″ 22.5″ x 22.25″

An abrasive blasting pot, sandblast generator, is a pressure vessel used to contain a supply of abrasive material during the abrasive blasting process. Used as part of an abrasive blasting system, the abrasive blaster pot delivers a mixture of abrasive and compressed air to the blast nozzle for surface preparation.

See parts complete kits include:10L336A is AA000654 or 10L10097 is AA0072 or see blaster parts 1003501 is EA0024

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Product Variations
EA0024.35 cu/ft Model
EA00231.5 cu/ft Model