What are the factors in choosing Diamond Wire?

Miles Supply is ready to help you assess your diamond wire needs and help with diamond wire testing.

This form is used by our staff to aid in choosing diamond wire that’s best for you.

We’d want your company’s general information and even the operator’s name. Of course we would need to know your type of machine and its number of wires. What is the material or stone that you are cutting? If more than one type of stone; the percentages of each type that you cut.

Other information requested is your typical slab thickness, wire length, bead diameter, whether it’s open or closed loop, and the beads per meter. It would be helpful to know the former or current meters per second, feed rate in cm/hour, and your price per meter.

Another consideration is assessing what your priorities are for the diamond wire; whether it’s long-life of wire or fast production or finding a combination.

Miles Supply sells quality Boart & Wire diamond wire, click below and click its Request for Quote button.

Diamond Wire

See also our chart: Diamond Wire Feed Rate Speed Chart—Multiwire/Monowire
The questions in this form—diamond data sheet may also be helpful; for diamond blades or choosing diamond wire.