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equipment with its suppliesstone equipmentAre you thinking about upgrading? Increasing your production?

Our knowledge and assistance does not stop at just stone equipment, here at Miles Supply we also supply most consumables and everyday products in the stone industry. We offer abrasive, polishing bricks, brushes, & pads, blades & tips, CNC tools, stencil & supplies, nozzles, abrasives, stone paints and more…

Stone machinery is always changing and improving, innovative concepts bring forth faster and easier ways to reach desired production levels and quality standards. Becoming more automated also reduces many safety risks for employees. Whether you are looking to go with an entirely new setup or upgrade your existing, Miles Supply is always ready to help.

Stone Equipment:

Fraccaroli & Balzan
StoneFlo by Torit

Pellegrini Miles Supply Inc. is the exclusive seller of Pellegrini stone machines in the United States and Canada. Pellegrini Meccanica’s stone equipment has a world renown reputation in the Stone Industry. Single wire and multiwire machines are used for granite and stone blocks in quarries. Also quarry saws, Profile and Robot wiresaws, and surface treatment machines. We stock parts and some machines here in the U.S. so reach out to us with questions or requests.

Fraccaroli & Balzan wastewater treatment and recycling plants. Fraccaroli & Balzan is the world leader since the 1970’s. Their plants make it possible to fully recycle the water used in industrial processes and to re-use it in a continuous cycle. Residual mud is dehydrated and can be dumped without problems. The wastewater filtration plants are used in different sectors such as stone processing factories and quarries.

StoneFlo by Torit and Italmecc dust collection systems are available here at Miles Supply. Let us help you decide what you need.

SandHandler Miles Supply exclusively sells the industry’s only complete sandblasting & abrasive recovery system all-in-one, featuring advanced servo motor engineering for precise stone engraving. 9′, 12′ and 15′ modelsSee Video. (SandHandler Front-End CURTAIN  also available.) click for the Request for Quote buttonSee SandHandler blogs