New Product – Biodegradable Earplugs!

The world’s first bio-degradable plant based earplugs; we think these are pretty cool! – click for RFQearplugs good for environmentTo Request a Quote from Monty, click: for Biosoft earplugs

Help the planet and help your Green Initiative with these Biodegradable Earplugs – NEW! Lower your carbon footprint with plant-based ear plugs! Why on Earth buy any other earplugs?
Comfort, fit, worker acceptance, and environmental-friendliness. No latex allergy issues.

The billion dollar earplug market litters our world with 40 billion earplugs every year. Littering for hundreds of years! Biodegradable earplugs are the solution. Similar price*, more comfortable, high NRR 32, and made in North America. Ask your safety-products purchaser to call Miles Supply today. (*since these are not petroleum-based, these are less likely to have price increases)

High NRR 32, SNR 38 Independently Tested.
All parts – the earplugs, cords, stems and bags – are biobased.
Soft, smooth, low pressure for dreamlike comfort.
Made in North America with USA and Canadian Materials.

Customers say:
“They are more comfortable than anything I have ever used.”
“I have no irritation issues since they are non-synthetic not polyurethane or pvc based plugs!”
“My ears are sensitive and small and these fit and don’t hurt like the other ones.”
“They expand to fit my ears more comfortably than others and are just as effective at noise reduction.”
“If your hands are dirty, use earplugs that just require pinching, not rolling, in order to insert them.”
“These also have stems so that you can insert them.”

Materials derived from sugarcane, bamboo, and other plants. Not only are the earplugs plant-based; the cords, stems, even the bags are, too! See Flyer
no petroleum – no latex – not polyurethane or pvc – USDA certified

BioSoft 200 uncorded  | 100 pair corded per box. Pinch Fit both are 100 pair per box.

Here’s some hopefully obvious warnings 🙂 {basically make sure they are used properly and they fit}
1. Laboratory attenuation data for comparison purposes only.
2. User insertion and fit may result in significantly reduced results.
3. Failure to follow all instructions could result in hearing loss or injury.
4. Improper fit will reduce protection effectiveness and may result in hearing loss or injury.
5. Only use Final Fit Safety hearing protection as a part of a hearing protection program complying with all applicable health and safety laws.
6. Do not use where warning signals must be heard and may be attenuated by the product.
7. Use extreme caution if you have previously experienced hearing loss/damage.
8. Employers are responsible for ensuring that the hearing protection device and its NRR/SNR are proper for the worker.
9. Failure to follow instructions and/or these warnings may result in injury or death.
10. If redness, discomfort, or irritation occurs, discontinue use and seek medical attention.
11. Keep away from children; choking hazard.

*USDA BioPreferred IDs 60599 and 50092
**As per accredited third party testing according to EN 13432 and ASTM
D6400 standards employing the testing protocols defined and certified therein:
ASTM D5338 – Aerobic Biodegradation: 76% OECD 207 – Earthworm toxicity Test
OECD 208 – Ecotoxicity Test
OECD 302 D – Inherent Biodegradability