Biodegradable Ear Plugs

BIOdegradable Ear Plugs – NEW! BioSoft and Pinch Fit, corded & uncorded

Lower your carbon footprint with these plant-based earplugs! Instead of 100 years, breaks down in 12 months. Why on Earth buy any other earplugs? Help the planet and help your Green Initiative.

Comfort, fit, worker acceptance, and environmental-friendliness.
Made in North America.
High NRR 32 rating. The key to a comfortable foam earplug is its ability to roll down to a small, spearlike point, and return slowly, exerting very low pressure in the ear canal.

  • bio ear plugsCustomers say:
    “They are more comfortable than anything I have ever used.”
    “I have no irritation issues since they are non-synthetic plugs!”
    “My ears are sensitive and small and these fit and don’t hurt like the other ones.”
    “They expand to fit my ears more comfortably than others and are just as effective at noise reduction.”
    “If your hands are dirty, use the earplugs that just require pinching, (Pinch Fit) not rolling, in order to insert them. These also have stems so that you can insert them.”

Materials derived from sugarcane, bamboo, and other plants. Not only are the earplugs plant-based; the cords, stems, even the bags are, too! See Flyer
no petroleum – no latex – not polyurethane or pvc – USDA certified

BioSoft 200 pair uncorded or 100 pair corded per box. | Pinch Fit both are 100 pair per box.

Product Variations
PINCHFITindicate corded or uncorded