Efficiency Vermont – Qualify for Rebates

Whether purchasing new or upgrading existing equipment, it is important to understand the efficiency gains and power savings you’ll receive. Programs such as Efficiency Vermont are great resources to become familiar with. Not only can they teach you about how to make your system as efficient as possible but can determine if your equipment purchase qualifies for a rebate to lower the initial upfront costs. The process of transforming your operation into one that is more energy efficient allows for lower power costs and ultimately pays for itself in the future.

Miles Supply sells a range of equipment that qualifies for rebates, ask us about qualification and we can get you connected with Efficiency Vermont. Equipment such as Reverse Osmosis Systems for maple sugaring and equipment with a variable-frequency drive (compressors, dust collection systems, vacuum pumps, etc.) are examples of items we sell that can qualify for rebates.

Visit efficiencyvermont.com to learn more about the incentive programs and find out if your purchase qualifies!

Not near our Vermont location and unsure of possible incentives for you? We’ve got four more locations in Georgia, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Texas. If you are located in any of these states check for incentive programs before the purchase of qualified equipment, it could save you a considerable amount of money up front!

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