Tech Tip: Down Pressures for Low-Profile CNC PadHead

low profile CNC padhead down pressure tech tipWhat’s the optimal down pressures to start with, when running the low-profile CNC Padhead? Of course this varies, depending on the hardness of the stone and the grit.

Start with a 50% or a 1″ compression when running the lower grits. Each spring is 100 lbs, so 3 springs total 300 lbs of down-pressure for full compression. A 50% compression would then require 150lbs of down-pressure. (.5 x 300)
(Note: For 6 spring assembly should start at 8mm of spring depression.)

As noted, do not exceed 600rpms for grits 50–400.



For polishing with higher grits, 800–8500, you’ll want more compression. Try 75% or 1.5″ compression. By the same calculations above, you would want 225 lbs of down-pressure. (.75 x 300)low profile cnc padhead down pressures

Do not exceed 800rpms for grits 800–8500.