Brief 70 Year History of Miles Supply

Family-Owned BusinessA family-owned business since 1954, we’re proud of the loyal relationships that we have built and are glad to be of service to you for 70 years!

Brief Timeline:

1954 – Starts with wire saw abrasive – one product out of John Miles’ house in Barre. (Note: In 2013 one of the last of these wire saws in VT was removed!)

1967 – Charlie Martin is hired as a truck driver

1980 – When John Miles died, his wife Beatrice and Charlie determine to expand their products and personnel. Diamond segments & polishing bricks

1985 – Charlie, with his wife Doris, expands operations and purchases Miles Supply

1989Georgia location added

1995 – Starts in Retail and expands into Sandblasting

2000 – Expands into Construction & Industrial products

2002Pennsylvania location added

2005Minnesota location added; serving the St Cloud MN area and parts West.

2010 – Expands into Machinery and all the products that go along with it

2012 – Charlie & Doris retire after 45 years of service; their son Adam and daughter Sonya have taken up the reins along with partner Mark in GA. (see meet the staff)

2016 – Another location opens up near Dallas in Terrell, Texas!

2017 – Sales person, Jerry, in Utica, Illinois; serving Mid-West territories

2020Barre‘s location becomes a CDL corporate retail store. Additional to Stone industry & Industrial, selling maple sugaring supplies & equipment. Called CDL Barre.

2021 – Purchased BX3 store in Montrose Pennsylvania. Retail space for the PA area.

2023 – At the end of this year, Miles Supply acquired Bicknell Supply Company.

From ONE product to now around 8000 products!