Abressa Surface Polishing Products

For Abressa Surfacing Bricks, we have a wide variety of joining methods. Frankfurt: Typically associated with Marble, Concrete, Limestone, Sandstone, Bluestone. Tangential Head: Granite (Includes C140, TN180, V140, V180, VN180, V200) Bloc: Granite. Miles Supply’s highly experienced technicians offer technical assistance with quality control, production, and cost analysis. We also carry all popular shapes and grit sizes are available in each of Abressa’s six bond hardness ranges.

abressa bond hardness range abressa grit chart

Edge/Shaping and Surfacing products are available in all 3 materials: Diamlox, a resin/diamond combination, Resipox, with its unique resin material which provides outstanding life and Velox, a silicon carbide with resin binder.