3M & Nashua Duct Tapes

Duct Tapes available in widths of 1”, 2”, 3″. 4”, and 6”.
60 yards per roll and rolls can be purchased individually or by the case.

Product Variations
AP0000131” NASHUA 357 Roll
AP0000142” NASHUA 357 Roll
AP0000163” NASHUA 357 Roll
AP0000174” NASHUA 357 Roll
AP0000031" DUCT 60YD 3M 3939
AP0000042" DUCT 60YD 3M 8979 PERFORMANCE+
AP0000052" DUCT 60YD AC50
AP0000062" DUCT 60YD 3M 3939
AP0000073" DUCT 60YD AC50
AP0000083" DUCT 60YD 3M 8979 PERFORMANCE+
AP0000094" DUCT 60YD 3M 8979 PERFORMANCE+
AP0000104" DUCT 60YD AC50
AP0000114" DUCT VINYL 3M 3903
AP0000126" DUCT 60YD AC50