Ager by Tenax Sealer Enhancer

For all types of Stone, Polished or Natural finish. Will enhance the stones natural color, giving it a “wet” look. Small scratches, spider cracks, and fissures will be sealed and hidden. This product is a very strong sealer. Use AGER on sawn or profiled edges to match the finish of a resin sealed counter top. Directions for use: Surface must be clean, free of dirt and grime, and very dry. Apply evenly with a clean dry cloth. Do not allow product to dry in excess on polished surfaces. Any excess will form a sticky film that is difficult to remove. If AGER has not transformed 100%, use very fine steel wool to remove any excess.
Ager Stone Sealing Enhancer         ager before and after
Stone Enhancing Sealer is a solvent based product that protects all sorts of natural stone materials and enhances the natural color and grain.
1 Liter Ager Enhancing Stone Sealer – 1MPA00BG50
protects them from absorbing water and oil based liquid.
Complete drying time is 60 minutes.

AG000135 half-pint can | AG1074 pen .25oz  | AG000131 Ager quart | AG1078 Ager Remover 1lt | AG1075 plus Tiger qt
Ager (under sealers & Waxes)

AG000135half-pint can
AG1074pen .25oz
AG000131Ager quart
AG1078Ager Remover 1lt
AG1075plus Tiger qt