Akemi Platinum Clear Polyester Adhesive

Akemi’s Platinum Clear Polyester Adhesive is a polyester/resin based adhesive that dries clearer than all other transparent adhesives. It also mixes truer with other colors. EpoxyAcrylate adhesive is up to 50% stronger than polyester and can cure in under 20 minutes. Premium Marble Filler.

• Almost crystal clear color, due to its 100% pure Epoyxacrylate-formula
• Faster initial bonding strength and quicker processability
• Faster and better surface drying (abrasive paper does not get sticky)

Both of the Platinum Products:
• Based on 2-K-Epoxyacrylate
• 1 – 3 % addition of hardener
• Bonding power: high
• Initial bonding strength and processability (such as grinding, drilling, milling): very fast (15 minutes*)
• Surface drying: very quick (from 15 minutes*)
• Improved protection against yellowing caused by UV-rays
• Polishability: very good
• Can be dyed by using AKEMI® Coloring Pastes or Coloring Tint liquid (on basis of Polyester resins)
* depending on temperature, hardener amount as well as layer thickness of the splice

Available in Flowing or Knife Grade.
Platinum Knifegrade – Knife-grade consistency is excellent for bonding and filling natural stone and artificial stone (Marble, Granite, Cast Stone, Terrazzo, Engineered Stone), best for vertical applications. Also modeling corners and edges. AG000054
Platinum Liquid – Liquid consistency, for horizontal applications, is suitable for bonding and filling natural stone and artificial stone (such as Marble, Granite, Cast Stone, Terrazzo, Engineered Stone). Also for reinforcing stone slabs with glass fiber products (laminating) and making stone substitutes by using crushed rock and sand. AG000055

Product Variations
AG000055Flowing qt
AG000054Knife-grade qt