Alpha Ceramica EX

Wet Polishing of All Stones. Alpha®, created the next generation of polishing discs, Ceramica EX. With the proliferation of engineered stones, Alpha® recognized the need for polishing discs that could work effectively on these challenging new surfacing products. The diamond and bond formula best suited for today’s engineered stones: Ceramica EX. Works well on all natural stones, too.

Fulfill the needs of all stone fabricators with one set of polishing pads that can produce a high-quality shine on granite, engineered stone, quartz surfaces, marble (including hard-to-polish black and green), terrazzo and porcelain tile and slab.

Ceramica EX pads work quickly to achieve desired results. They are cost-effective, long-lasting and made from the highest quality raw materials. Extremely flexible, too. Great for polishing inside corners and a tight radius. Use the Alpha® 2” Flexible hook and loop Backer Pad on really tight curves. Available in 3”, 4” and 5” size discs.

  • DC0092 | DC0093 | DC0094 | DC0095 | DC0096 | DC0123 | DC0124 | DC0125

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Product Variations
DC00924" EX #200
DC00934" EX #500
DC00944" EX #1000
DC00954" EX #2000
DC00964" EX #3000
DC01233" EX #1000 R
DC01243" EX #2000 R
DC01253" EX #3000 R