Alpha® Quad Blade

Exclusively for Flush Cutting Application for Granite

Alpha® Quad combines performance with unique design for flush cutting applications. Has a threaded arbor that permits mounting on angle grinders for “flush cutting” applications.

Stone Fabricator’s Choice; 8mm Tall Diamond Layer for a Long Life; Fits most popular High-speed Angle Grinders

Size Max RPM Arbor(s)
4″ 14,500 20mm Quad Drive
5″ 12,200 20mm Quad Drive
6″ 10,100 20mm Quad Drive
7″ 8,400 20mm Quad Drive
8″ 7,400 20mm Flange with 8 holes
9″ 6,600 20mm Flange with 8 holes
10″ 5,900 20mm Flange with 8 holes