Black Wax Paste by Tenax

Premium Long Lasting Solvent-free Wax for Stone Surfaces Black Wax Paste 1MCT01BG50 (formerly TeWax)
PREMIUM GRADE WAX is used to increase the polishing effect on onyxes, marble, natural stones, granite, agglomerates, terrazzo. Also used to brighten up a lost polish. The application may increase the polish from 5-6 to 15-16 points of gloss.

Tenax solid wax is a result of special waxes melted through solvents that allow a high penetration level on treated material leading to a long-lasting effect.

  • Black Color
    Premium Grade
    Increases Polishing Effect
    Restores Polish
    Solvent Free
    High Level of Penetration

AG1056 Black Wax Paste 1 Liter