Block Saw Blades

Block saw blades from 14″ up to 11’6″ (24” to 60”for Bluestone) are in stock!

In the past we had a fantastic blade for block saws, but you may be aware that its availability fell through and we had hard time getting a diamond to run on block saws. It’s been a difficult process but now we are very pleased to say we’ve tackled this issue and have some very fine quality diamonds and blades to offer.

Our block saw blades come in the just about any size you can think of.

Our mainline block saw diamond comes to us already welded on a good heavy re-tippable core in sizes 30” and 36”. It has been proven to work in all the quarries it is placed in, regardless of stone hardness.

For retips we offer a wide range of segments with our Razor segment taking the lead in popularity. Customer feed back has been very favorable in regards to life and speed.