Compact Water Treatment Plant from Fraccaroli & Balzan

Fraccaroli & Balzan’s Compact Water Treatment Plant comes ready to work, with all of the necessary components all in one unit. Our most popular unit measures 17’X 7.5′ X 7.5′, this is the simple solution to ousting your hard-to-clean sludge pits. A complete, turn-key water filtration plant, easy to assemble and to operate. The maximum rated treatment capacity is 750 lt/min.

The Compact Water Treatment Plants can be designed and custom built in accordance to specific customers’ water recycling requirements.

Pricing available upon request.

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Models of vertical compact clarifiers:
FB/1600V-WD     1600mm       FB 300/5
FB/2000V-WD     2000mm       FB 300/5
FB/2200V-WD     2200mm       FB 300/6
FB/2350V-WD     2350mm       FB 400/5
FB/2500V-WD     2500mm       FB 400/6