Constant Pressure Dispensing System – CPDS 1000

The CPDS 1000, Constant Pressure Dispensing System uses an air compressor to deliver the A and B components through the gun/hose assembly resulting in a better flow and more consistency. Constant pressure gives the user even and complete dispensing of foam.

Up to 120′ of hose can be attached to the CPDS 1000. This allows the user to work in a wide range without having to move a set of tanks over and over. No need to carry tanks up into attics or under crawl spaces. Simply locate the CPDS 1000 in a central place.

CPDS 1000 System Includes compressor with
– 30′ of Hose,
– 2 Guns & 50 Nozzles,
– tool box with wrenches,
– cleaner,
– instructions with DVD
– 750FR A&B tanks 750 board feet or 62.5 cubic feet R-value = 7 per inch, 90% closed cell 16 sets per pallet. The foam is a Fire Retardant Formulae, Class 1, ASTM E-84.