Constant Pressure Dispensing System – CPDS Series 2

Constant Pressure Dispensing System Series 2, for Contractors. The CPDS uses an air compressor to deliver the A and B components through the gun/hose assembly resulting in a better flow and more consistency. Constant pressure gives the user even and complete dispensing of foam.

Up to 150′ of hose can be attached to the CPDS Series 2. This allows the Contractor to work in a wide range without having to move a set of tanks over and over. No need to carry tanks up into attics or under crawl spaces. Simply locate the CPDS in a central place. Faster and less waste than foam kits.

The Touch ‘n Seal CPDS Series 2 comes complete, ready to use, just add the appropriate “A” & “B” chemical cylinder set. #3530.429
The Constant Pressure Dispensing System kit comes with:
• a 100’ chemical delivery hose set
• 2 spray foam applicators
• 50 disposable spray nozzles (25 fan/25 conical)
• cover
• heater unit
• all necessary tools
• a set of operational & maintenance manuals
• and an operations DVD for set-up and use

  • 2X faster foam delivery and up to 20% greater yield than disposable foam kits!
  • Foam dispenses from cylinder bottom, resulting in virtually no chemical waste
  • Economical – lower cost per board foot than kits

Empty weight 155lbs, 4lbs per minute @ 160psi, 5.5 pounds per minute @ 200psi. *Can drop ship direct to the customer.