Crystal by Tenax Knife Grade

We’ll leave this up for a little while because you’re looking for this – but Crystal is discontinued and is replaced by Titanium.


Crystal Knife Grade. Indoor Use. Extra Clear Transparent Acrylic/Polyester mix.
Used to laminate stone when it is important for the seam/joint not to show. Color can be added, resulting in a transparency finish to match stone.
Directions for use: Surface must be clean, free of dirt and grime, and Dry. Mix by weight, not volume. Example: 100 parts of resin with about 3 parts of hardener. Very important for proper strength and color, too much hardener will cause yellowing. 1CMA00BG50
Gel time is approximately 10-15 minutes with temperature being around 77 degrees F. After 80-120 minutes, it is possible to process the glued stone. Specific Hardener Paste provided with each quart and is the only hardener to be used with Crystal.

  • Extra Clear Polyester Stone Glue
    1 Liter Crystal Knife Grade Feature List
    Very Smooth Consistency
    Cures Shiny
    Very Polishable
    Colors Easily
    Fast Curing
    Extremely Strong Bond

Tenax Crystal Knife Grade Water Clear 1 Liter
Crystal knife grade is a high quality extra clear polyester mastic stone glue used to vertically or horizontally Repair | Rebuild | Bond | Fill
Crystal is a very smooth consistency, and will cure shiny, is very polishable and colors easily to match granite and other stones. It is perfectly for any application where the adhesive or seem/joint must be hidden. It cures fast and bonds extremely strong. Cures in lower temperatures. Not suitable for temperatures below 32°. Recommended for interior use. UV resistant.

Instructions for Use:
Ensure that the surface to be treated is dry, clean and free of dust. If using color add before adding catalyst to match the desired hue and then add the catalyst. Mix glue and catalyst according to technical data below and stir thoroughly. Do not put the mixed glue back in the can.

KNIFE GRADE: Available in: Quart with tub of Hardener Paste | See Video