DECAWIRE & DoDECAWIRE from Pellegrini

Pellegrini’s DECAWIRE: 10 wires for thin and thick slabs!
– Easy & fast thickness adjustment
– 10 slabs from 2-10cm (3/4″ to 4″)
– Big wheels offer lower stress for longer life of diamond wire
– Low energy & low water consumption

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also a new multiwire diamond saw for a new frontier of flexibility in cutting slabs of various thicknesses:
Pellegrini’s Dodecawire VV and Dodecawire VTVV: 12 wires for up to 12 slabs of 8cm thickness each!

  • • independent flywheels (no drums)
  • • high production for thick slabs
  • • up to 12 wires cut a wide range of various thicknesses from 2cm to 8cm
  • • high flexibility of thickness quickly configured by the innovative working of motor and tensioning flywheels. Manually space axially along the shafts without removing them
  • • allows mixed metric or imperial thicknesses in the same shot!
  • • large diameter motor drum and tensioning flywheels