Diamantfil & Diamantfil Jolly

New compact single wire machine for blocks squaring, slabbing (and profiling Jolly version). Innovation that performs better than ever! Pellegrini_Diamantfil_Jolly

DIAMANTFIL® & DIAMANTFIL® JOLLY – Monowire for squaring, slabs and profiling
New single wire saw Diamantfil, available both in stationary and gantry version (on Rollers), is equipped with a compact structure and with four wheels, 120cm diameter (one of which is the motor, one is the tensioner and two are idle). The main motor is low power (11 kW) and the foundations are simple.
The wire speed is adjustable between 0 and 40 mt/sec through an inverter while the tensioning system is electronic to grant the best cutting precision and long life of the wire. The machine is already equipped with the automatic cutting system to realize a cycle of pre-selected slabs thicknesses.

The “Jolly” version with 4 CNC controlled axes adds the two-dimensional profiling function.