Domo 10 by Tenax Extra-Strong Epoxy

Domo-10 by Tenax Extra-Strong Epoxy to glue marble, stone, granite, and ceramic. 1 liter each. 1:1 ratio. White. Interior/Exterior. 1RAA00BG50

Two part knife grade epoxy for all types of stone. This super strong epoxy will bond to almost any surface. Note that it is for permanent application. It’s so strong that the stone breaks before the bond will.

“The epoxy I recommend would be our domo epoxy kit. It is a strong bond and will not come off.”

DOMO10 is one of the strongest epoxies in the industry. Will bond to almost any surface, though polished surfaces will need to be honed for best results. Directions for use: Surface must be clean, free of dirt and grime, although it can be moist.

Gel time is approximately 3 hours with complete hardening in 12 hrs. Faster in warmer weather, slower when colder. With High temperatures (+90 degrees F) DOMO can become more “flowing”. With Colder temperatures, reaction will not take place until temperature is above 40 degrees F. In extreme Colder temperatures (-50 degrees F) DOMO will become more of a solid.

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Sizes Also in 4 liter 1RAA00BG60 (AG1086) TENAX DOMO-10 EPOXY 4LT&4LT GAL (GAL)
and cartridge 1RAA00BD90 (AG1087) TENAX DOMO-10 EPOXY CARTRIDGE A&B (EA)

AG1086DOMO10 4LT&4LT