Donatoni Quadrix Work Centers

QUADRIX: Numerical control work center with 5 interpolated axes for processing marble or granite blocks to make: Shaping, excavations, turning of spiral columns, sculptures, engravings and cuts.
Most models with disk head swiveling +/-540 degrees and reclining from 0 to 90°. Models with ATC reclining from -10 to +190°.

Equipped with an electric spindle, can be fitted with diamond-studded disks and can mount diamond-studded tools such as: end mill, digging wheel, horizontal disk and diamond-studded bits to perform a variety of work processes. The plant can be equipped with a lathe and a swivel thrust bearing, both with numerical controlled rotation axes.

Perfect for restoration work and for work processes such as:

  • Shaping and excavating with milling tools.
  • Shaping blocks with disks to make complex shapes and large sizes.
  • Disk cutting of slabs and blocks.
  • Turning columns with profiled shapes and shallow processing of columns along the generatrix.
  • Sculpting of statues.

See video.
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