EHS Abrasive Discs

Husqvarna Green EHS abrasive discs recommended when cutting cast iron & ductile iron.
Husqvarna Red EHS abrasive discs is designed for cutting concrete and masonry.

Power cutter diamond tooling. Can be used on high speed saws


AO0023 12″X1/8″X1″ EHS CONCRETE 542751490 red EHS 12″
AO0024 12″X1/8″X1″ EHS DUCTILE IRON 542751498 green EHS 12″
AO0025 14″X1/8″X1″ EHS CONCRETE 542751492 red EHS 14″
AO0026 14″X1/8″X1″ EHS DUCTILE IRON 542751500 green EHS 14″

AO0023red EHS 12" Concrete
AO0024green EHS 12" iron
AO0025red EHS 14" Concrete
AO0026green EHS 14" iron