Elvex Level Dependent Ear Muff

Level Dependent Ear Muff – 25dB NRR

Elvex Impulse (R-Com-655) electronic earmuff- noise suppression circuitry is tuned to eliminate continuous industrial noise electronically. Amplifies voices (at up to 10 dB amplification) from two outside microphones that send sound through the processor.

    Allows close range communications in continuous noise environments; amplifies weak sounds, suppresses sounds exceeding 82dB.

  • Audio jack (3.5 mm jack) for auxiliary devices/radio (allows listen-only capability, not two-way communication).
  • Two AAA batteries for approximately 175 hours. Included batteries are accessed through outside battery compartment. Auto-off in 4 hours.
  • Attenuation data in accordance with ANSI S12.6-2008. Com-655 is not CE certified.
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