Empire 780 Control System

OPERATING CONTROL SYSTEMS: designed for both safety & profit.

Available with either pneumatic or electric remote controls*. Conforms to OSHA. A simple, reliable design shuts down blasting when the on/off trigger is released for operator safety. Ask us at Miles Supply for additional details for your application.

“780” Controls (pot-under-pressure)—Vessel remains pressurized, but stops blasting when you release the remote controls. This system is best for spot blasting. It also conserves compressed air and speeds up restarts.

*The key difference between the electric and pneumatic arrangements is that the electric systems perform better in colder temperatures and provide faster “start/stop”, especially when the pressure vessel is far from the operator.

Manual controls, which can later be upgraded to remotes, are also available– but these systems require a tender at the vessel to assist in operating the system.

  • EA1095