Empire Econo-Blast™ PORTABLES

Econo-Blast portables are compact pressure blasters that share many features with their big brother, SuperBlast. Available in 2 sizes with grit capacities of 1.5 and 3 cubic feet, includes ASME vessel certification for safety, flexible air hose for ease of maintenance, wheels for portability and a pressure gauge. Less grit capacity and smaller nozzles make these units ideal for spot blasting and detail work, particularly on a limited budget. Empire’s patented Sure-Flo grit valve and 680 or 780 remote controls, for safety. With these controls, blasting stops when the nozzle is released.

EcoBlast Specifications
Pressure Vessel ConstructionASMEASME
Media Capacity*150 lbs.300 lbs.
Tank Diameter12″16″
Filling Height36″44″
Weight80 lbs.102 lbs.
*Capacity is based on a bulk density of 100 lbs. per cubic foot
Product Variations