Excelerator Diamond Blades -to BUY

DISCO SX200 turbo blades are known throughout the world for quality, consistency, and being competitively priced products. Segments are 8mm. Featuring specially designed bond matrix and narrow cutting flutes. These blades are fast cutting and ideal for general construction on concrete, stone, brick, block, and roof tile.

Some sizes come with knock out option to fit most skill saws. Brass adapter is also available to fit most angle grinders 5/8-11 x 20mm.

ships during regular business hours, including next day; noon latestCall us for a quote 800-396-8049 or purchase here by clicking on the drop down menu, selecting your size, and clicking add to cart button.

  • DA000015 | DA000017 | DA000018 | DA000019 | DA000020 | DA000022 | DA000166
Product Variations
DA0000154" DISCO SX2001 lbs$58.74
DA0000175" DISCO SX2001 lbs$68.13
DA0000186" DISCO SX2001 lbs$81.04
DA0000197" DISCO SX200 WITH KNOCK OUT2 lbs$90.94
DA0000207" DISCO SX2002 lbs$91.23
DA0000228" DISCO SX200 WITH KNOCK OUT2 lbs$102.25
DA000166Brass Adapter fits angle grinder 5/8-11 x 20mm.5 lbs$30.08