FREE CUT ONE blade by Miles Supply

Miles Supply’s FREE CUT ONE Diamond blade with segments 25mm tall!

Free-Cut-One  Our improved blade is easy-cutting and the diamonds last longer because of our new infiltration process.
Modernizations on the segment & notch geometry improve cutting performance; during normal wear, as segment height decreases, the active cutting surface increases to compensate.
Friction is reduced by notches drawing away sludge.
These designs account for an extraordinary diamond cutting experience and the highest standards in blades.
Fast, precise, long-life, and quiet!

Compare this to Zenesis…. Here’s Miles Supply’s version for your countertop needs!
• 25mm segment height
• Longer lasting freer cutting segment design
• Stiffer silent core for mitre cuts
• Increase your productivity while reducing the stress on your saw.
this blade handles miter cuts; with no need for extra specialized blade

DA0265 14″ MS FREECUT ONE 3.2W X 25 TALL 60/50A
DA0264 16″ MS FREECUT ONE 3.6W X 25 TALL 60/50A
DA0266 18″ MS FREECUT ONE 2.5W X 25 TALL 60/50A
DA0268 20″ MS FREECUT ONE 3.6W X 25 TALL 60/50A
DA0267 24″ MS FREECUT ONE 4.5W X 25 TALL

Product Variations
DA026514″ 3.2W X 25 60/50A
DA026416″ 3.6W X 25 60/50A
DA026618″ 2.5W X 25 60/50A
DA026820″ 3.6W X 25 60/50A
DA026724″ 4.5W X 25