Liquid Spray Gun #118

K-grip Sprayer provides control and flexibility when spraying both water and oil-based paints like Lithichrome and Stone Tone as well as adhesives like stencil filler. All parts are replaceable and clean-up is a snap.
Store products in jar – air tight until your next project saving time and effort.

  • • Fast color change when utilizing jars to store different products in.
    • Easy to operate – just set air pressure at the compressor and adjust liquid nozzle up or down for material control – always produces a circular pattern
    • Easy to clean – just keep liquid tube & nozzle clean (only air passes through the gun)
    • Adaptable to other containers
    • Sprays most stains, lacquers, latex paints and water base finishes @ 30 lbs psi
    • Sprays contact cements for laminating and other gluing projects
  • AK0022
  • AA000024
Product Variations
AA000024Plastic Jar sold separately