Tanga L4 Abrax – Lupato

Tanga 4 is a portable tool with a universal attachment for grinders for bushammering and sandblasting flat surfaces, antiskid, edges and bullnoses on marble and granite. It can hold 9 different rollers for bushhammering and sandblasting finishes on any material.

Lupato Finishes Tanga L4
> medium bushammering
> fine bushammering
> sandblasting 1400 grain size
> sandblasting 800 grain size*
> sandblasting 400 grain size

Processing type
> on flat surfaces
> antiskid
> edges
> bullnose

> Marble/Limestone
> Granite/Sandstone

√ Easy installation and use on every kind of grinder.
√ Advantages using the glide system.
√ Works on thin or defective slabs.
√ Uniform finish over the whole slab surface.
√ Wide range of antiskid widths and finishes.
√ It has a connector for suction pipe.

Tanga L4 Abrax 800* grit shown
AA1113 LUPATO TANGA L4 ABRAX 800 W/ GLIDE M/L is this model shown:
Achievable finishes: sandblasting 800 grain size
Rotation speed: 4.000 Giri/min max
Tool diameter: 150 mm
Weight: 4 kg
Antiskid width: from 4 to 13 cm
Production: with portable machines on flat surfaces, antiskid, edges
Machinable material: Marble/Limestone

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