MagicWire 16 Compact Multiwire Saw

MagicWire 16 Pellegrini’s Multi-wire Saw is equipped to run up to 16 wires.

Compact 16-wire saw for blocks 40 tons producing slabs with thicknesses starting from 20 mm. 1 mt nominal cutting depth.  Pellegrini_MAGICWIRE_16

The machine is equipped with 16 tensioning flywheels with variable positioning along the shaft, that can be moved manually – thanks to an upgraded. The system provides for the manual insertion of spacers between the flywheels based on the desired thickness. The compact size makes access and management of the wires easier.

compact Revolutionary multiwire machine, the innovative and compact geometry allows 16 cuts from 2 cm thickness in mixed shots.

The machine mounts a motor drum 1 mt diameter on the drive side and sixteen single flywheels 1.5 mt diameter on the tensioning side. One guide-group on the top and one guide-group on the flywheels side. Diameter of the wire: 7.3 mm. Approx weight: 19 tons.

      • • Easier access compared to larger machines
      • • 1 mt diameter drum motor on drive side
      • • 16 tensioning flywheels (1.5 mt) can move manually along the shaft
      • • Starting from 20 mm thickness up to 50 mm with 16 wires
      • • Approx dimensions: 31.2′ x 22′ x 9.8′ (w x h x d)
      • • Weight ~19 tons