Metabo Angle Grinders

Miles Supply is proud to carry top-class Metabo Angle Grinders / Polishers, known for high quality, high performance, and comfortable ergonomic design. Metabo tools will remove stock faster while keeping you comfortable, longer. Metabo angle tools feature high quality armatures, precision ground hardened steel gears, and speed enhancing electronic components for efficient transfer of power to the spindle.

Variable Speed grinders are perfect for grinding, cutting and finishing operations on steel, stainless steel and natural stone / masonry materials. Angle grinders designed and built for full time use in demanding applications, for users who demand top performance, safety and productivity features.

  • grinder polisher AT000018 | AT000023 | AT000024 | AT0040
Product Variations
AT000018POLISHER 4.5"/5" WEV 11-125
AT000024POLISHER 4.5"/5" ANGLE WEV 15-125
AT000023POLISHER 5" ANGLE WEV 15-125 HT METABO (600562420)
AT0040POLISHER 9" ANGLE W24-230 METABO (606467420)