Miles PadHead™ Polishing & Grinding Head Info

Miles Supply’s patented PadHead™ polishing & grinding head, is the most unique tool on the market for surface treatments. The PadHead™ polishing & grinding heads are designed to polish, grind, and hone flat surfaces (and serp tops for Model I and N60) utilizing multiple free rotating heads working off of the resistance of friction principle to accomplish its superior surface cutting action.

It is proven on line machines, single head changing machines, as well as floor grinding machines and utilizes a combination of both metal and resin pads in order to grind and polish many surfaces*. The PADHEAD™ polishing and grinding head is produced in the USA at a cost that is up to 50% less than competitive polishing heads, is easy to maintain and repair and can be adapted to nearly all polishing machines and floor machines with ease. (Patent #US 8,366,518 B2)

*surfaces include Granite • Marble • Limestone • Engineered Stone • Sandstone • Concrete | see Line Up Formulas

Various models can be used for specific applications such as serp tops (Model I and N60) and honing, polishing, or texturizing flats (Model II from Grinders to CNC machines) See all models. | Flyer

-7″ Low Profile PadHead AC0080 (many applications)
-10″ Low Profile PadHead AC0086 (many applications)
-3 Spring 6 Bolt Spring assembly for PadHead AA1393 (many CNC applications, start at 1″ spring depression)
-6 Spring 6 Bolt Spring assembly for PadHead AA1396 (many CNC applications, start at 8mm spring depression)
-N60 PadHead AA1399 (used for tops and ends)
-6″ PadHead Model I AC0023 (used for serp tops and ends)

*Max operating speed of 600 rpm, avoid operation beyond this limit*

We can customize; please call for other options.

To purchase the PADHEAD™ polishing & grinding head and learn about many other innovative products Miles Supply carries, contact one of our 5 locations. VT: 800.396.8049 | GA: 888.283.5863 | MN: 800.789.0815 | PA: 888.278.8383 | TX: 844.883.4108