Pedrini Polishing Line: Galaxy B220-GX-T3

Galaxy B220-GX-T3 is the innovative slab polishing machine with 3 moving beams designed to perfect the slab polishing process as well as the processing of new stone materials.

Galaxy B220-GX-T3 moves the three beams synchronously or independently, allowing to simultaneously manage slabs with different widths without the need to completely empty the machine at each batch change, as is the case with single-beam polishers.

In addition, the three moving beams make it possible to optimize of the use of tools in the three processing phases: honing, pre-polishing and polishing.

Versatility at your fingertips

For its multi-beam polishing machine, Pedrini has developed QuickEase, the easy and intuitive software that enhance production. With its user-friendly interface and visually intuitive design, QuickEase allows operators to effortlessly manage all production-related tasks with remarkable ease, speed, and versatility.