Pellegrini Telediam Diamond Wire Saws

Miles Supply is the exclusive distributor for Pellegrini in North America. See their website for more information. All electric machines are available in a TDI version (with an inverter) that allows gradual variation and acceleration/deceleration of the wire motion.

Telediam 25: For block squaring, bench-cutting. Electric diamond wire cutting machine for squaring blocks and small cuts in the mountain, with power up to 25 Hp.

TELEDIAM 45/55/65/75 SUPER: to cut granite or marble. For medium size cuts in massive rock. Cutting machines for squaring blocks and medium cuts in the mountain, with power up to 45, 55, 65, 75 hp

TELEDIAM 80-100 SUPER: Can be supplied with an Inverter for granite, or without for marble. For large cuts in massive rock. Electric diamond wire cutting machine for large cuts and large bench, with power up to 80, 100 Hp. TDI version (with inverter) for acceleration/deceleration. For large scale and high production.

TELEDIESEL 120 Super: Fitted with a Diesel engine, has a hydraulic torque converter for diamond wire speed adjustment. The machine is completely stand-alone and can make cuts of large size. For large scale and high production..

Various types of pulley and supports for cutting in all positions.

Ask us about the radio remote; controls Pellegrini Telediam Quarry Diamond Wire Saws (45-100HP) up to 100 meters away.