Pellegrini FB80 and FB220 Surfacing Machines

FB80 and FB220 Bush-Hammering, Flaming, Sandblasting Machine
(Maximum processing widths of up to 80 cm, and up to 220 cm)

Options for bush-hammering, flaming, sand-blasting, or any combination of the 3 functions (even at a later stage).

The electric control board is arranged in advance to be integrated with additional functions. The same machine can also be set up with special equipment for finishes such as ruling, chiseling, bush-hammering with a rotating plate, bush-hammering with a high-duty rotating head with five hammers etc. A wide range of hammers are available (with 12mm, 16mm, 18mm, 22mm internal diameters) and other tools for specific needs.

This is also an AUTOMATIC SAND-BLASTING MACHINE using river or quartz sand, complete with an enclosed water system for dust abatement and with a noise reduction cover. Particularly suitable for decorative effects (as shown) obtained using shaped templates. This same machine can be set up – even at a later stage – with flaming and/or bush-hammering tools.

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Also for automatic processing of high volume production of flamed stone slabs, see Continuous Flaming machine.

FB80-220-Pellegrini can do flaming and bushammering for surfacing stone