Pellegrini Polywire 54 Multiwire Saws

These multiwire saws add to the range while keeping the same features – large diameter motor drum and tensioning flywheels to run the diamond wires at peak performance; in results and longevity – also other innovations you’d expect from Pellegrini experience and ingenuity.

  • Process blocks up to 1.5m deep in one shot, while slab thicknesses can be mixed.
  • Simple thicknesses changes; quickly set up cutting configurations.
  • Both the motor drum and the tensioning flywheels are equipped with double-groove bands, thus simplifying the replacement of the consumables and the use of wires both 6 and 7 mm diameter bead type.
  • The guide drums have diameter 60 cm and are equipped with bands easily replaceable too.
  • Specific care has been dedicated to the accessibility of the various components in order to simplify and expedite the maintenance.
  • The tensioning system of each wire is electro-hydraulic (patented), fully tested on the other versions of the range, which includes the lubrication system and long-life bearings.
  • The plant is complete of the slab retention device, avoiding the closure of the cut (especially for slabs of 2 and 3 cm) and facilitating the lift of the diamond wires at the end of the cut itself.