Platon Air Gap Waterproofing Membrane

Platon Air Gap Waterproofing Membrane
Platon is a waterproofing membrane to keep basements dry.
Its unique, double-dimpled design separates water from the foundation wall and permanently bridges foundation cracks, preventing moisture from entering the basement of a home. Platon works with all kinds of foundations—from block and poured concrete walls to insulated concrete forms.
A durable, high-density polyethylene [HDPE] membrane keeps wet soil and foundation walls apart with an air gap that lets air flow and moisture drain.
There’s no need for other waterproofing treatments, and Platon can be installed under all weather conditions—without a special crew or equipment.

Platon Membrane – one roll for every 62 lineal feet of foundation (allowing for overlap). Use with speedclips, platon molding, or speedstrips. (8″ x 65’6″ – 524sq ft)

Platon membrane must extend from finished grade (chalk line) to the top of the footing. (It can be sawn to the correct height while rolled up.)