Miles PadHead™ Polishing & Grinding Head Model II

Grinding, honing, polishing, and texturizing is faster and better with Miles Supply’s PadHead™. This model is so adaptable, it can be used on hand held grinders, floor grinders, CNC machines and more. The improved low profile offers even more stability and faster removal of media.

• Sizes: 7˝, 10˝ Low Profile model.
• Aluminum Body, Heavy duty bearings
• Velcro attachments for wet polishing pads
• Medium Duty; Radial Arm Machines, wet polishers, automatic single head machines

Miles Supply’s PADHEAD™ polishing and grinding head is the latest in polishing head technology. The PADHEAD™ is a patented polishing and grinding head that increases production while lowering cost at the same time. Proven on line machines, single head changing machines, as well as floor grinding machines; utilizes a combination of both metal and resin pads in order to grind and polish any surface.

Produced in the USA at a cost that is up to 50% less than competitive polishing heads and is easy to maintain and repair. Can be adapted to nearly all polishing machines and floor machines with ease.

*Max operating speed of 600 rpm, avoid operation beyond this limit*

See low-profile PadHead™ model II Video! | PadHead Model II Flyer

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Patent #US 8,366,518 B2

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