Rivo 15 Epoxy Knife Grade by Tenax

Tenax Rivo 15 A & B is a two part knife grade epoxy designed for all types of stone. Rivo is one of the strongest epoxies in the stone industry. It will bond to almost any surface. Tenax Rivo 15 is designed for permanent application. The stone will break before the bond will. Suitable for temperatures below 32° as well as extreme heat. Recommended for both interior and exterior applications. Material must be dry before application. Straw in color. VOC Compliant. 1RJA00BG50 Gel time is approximately 15 minutes with complete hardening in 12 hrs.

Indoor/Outdoor Extreme Temperature Strong Epoxy Adhesive. Faster in warmer weather, slower when colder. | Similar to DOMO, but recommended when an even faster gel time is needed. 1RJA00BG50

  • VOC Compliant
    Designed for All Types of Stone
    Bonds to Almost Any Surface
    Suitable for Temperatures Below 32°
    Suitable for Extreme Heat
    Indoor & Outdoor
  • Make sure surface to be treated is completely dry and clean. Keep the glue and hardeners in their original cans. If using an automatic dosing pump avoid contact with metals made of copper, brass or similar metals which may rust. Avoid use of PVC plastic. Use only plastic that is corrosive resistant. Measure out, in either weight or volume, the correct amounts of part A and part B. Mix well using clean tools. Best when applied in a thin layer. Use acetone or butyl acetate to clean tools. Tenax Rivo 15 Part A & B 1+1 Liter
  • Shelf Life: Keep the containers closed after use. Keep away from heat, humidity and sun light. This product will last 2 years under normal conditions between 65° and 77°.

AG1112 Tenax Rivo 15 epoxy 2 qt kit