Roll Up Safety Signs & Stands by Bone

Roll up safety signs from Bone Safety SafeZone Series
Custom silk-screening
Specialized legend or logo to meet your needs.
Made from premium, state-of-the-art materials.
For daytime use: Premium Mesh and Non-Reflective Vinyl with superior fade resistant stabilizers.
For daytime as well as night time usage: Standard Reflective and High Performance Reflective materials.

Stands from Bone Safety SafeZone Series
Auto-Latch mechanism (or Universal Bracket upon request) Auto-Latch enables speedy attach and release.
Crash design breakaway base
Quick release system for all modular attachments and accessories
Compact and lightweight; Bright orange, UV Stabilized, powder coated legs, for safety, durability & visibility; Pull pin and kick release for fast setup by hand or foot; Simple Nut & Bolt construction allows for fast repairs using basic hand tools
Readily available replacement parts or assemblies
# Height adjustments on legs for use on uneven terrain
Skid resistant rubber feet