Sandblast texture on Granite or Sandstone Lupato

Sandblast texture for granite & sandstone uses the Lupato Dia-Abrax plate, Tanga, or rollers.

Sandblasting textures 400 or 800 grain on granite tool options shown here on Lupato website.

Dia-Abrax is a tool for sandblasting finish grain size 800, 400 on granite and sandstone.
Dia-Abrax is a patented tool which has rollers with an application of different sizes of grit depending on the desired finish, in order to make a perfect sandblast texture effect. It has also the glide system which allows a uniform finish over the whole slab surface, even near the edges.

APPLICATION: Tool must be fixed on the hold plate of a polishing machine and work as a normal polishing tool.

√ Easy installation and use.
√ Works on naturally punched materials.
√ Works on thin or defective slabs.
√ Uniform finish over the whole slab surface.
√ High production with minimum investment.

On Lupato’s website, filter to view the finish you want and then search for its tool.

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