Setting Bars

Miles Supply setting bars are made of 1 -¼” steel square stock.

Need one made just a little different? No problem, we can special order any size with just about any specifications you’re looking for. Call us for all your stone and granite setting supplies.

Product Variations
AR00142’ X 3/4” ROLLER
AR0000102’ X 1” HEX
AR0000042’ X 3/4” (26” X 3/4”)
AR0000052’ X 3/4” HEX
AR0000112.6’ X 3/4”
AR005330” X 7/8” HEX POINT & FLAT
AR0000063’ X 1” HEX
AR0000133’ W/ ROLLER 35” X 7/8”
AR0000073-1/2’ X 3/4” SQUARE
AR0000084’ X 1” HEX
AR0000024’ X 1-1/4” HEX
AR0000124.5” X 1-1/4” SQUARE
AR0000095’ X 1-1/4”
AR0000036’ X 1-1/4”
AR0000978’ X 1-1/4” HEX