Setting Bars

Miles Supply setting bars are made of 1 -¼” steel square stock and are most popular in the 50″ length. Need one made just a little different? No problem, we can special order any size with just about any specifications you’re looking for.

Product Variations
AR00142’ X 3/4” ROLLER
AR0000102’ X 1” HEX
AR0000042’ X 3/4” (26” X 3/4”)
AR0000052’ X 3/4” HEX
AR0000112.6’ X 3/4”
AR005330” X 7/8” HEX POINT & FLAT
AR0000063’ X 1” HEX
AR0000133’ W/ ROLLER 35” X 7/8”
AR0000073-1/2’ X 3/4” SQUARE
AR0000084’ X 1” HEX
AR0000024’ X 1-1/4” HEX
AR0000124.5” X 1-1/4” SQUARE
AR0000095’ X 1-1/4”
AR0000036’ X 1-1/4”
AR0000978’ X 1-1/4” HEX