Silicon Carbide Wiresaw Abrasive

Silicon Carbide (SiC) is produced in an electric furnace at temperatures in excess of 2200 degrees C. SiC is produced by fusing coke and high purity silica sand. The result is the formation of SiC crystals which are very hard. SiC also has a very high thermal conductivity and is very strong at elevated temperatures.

A popular, high-quality product used by professional stone polishers and in recreational lapidary rock tumbling.

Grits available: #30/60, 46/70/, 60/90, 90spl, 120, 240, 3F, 4F.

  • AC000206 | AC000207 | AC000209 | AC000210

Custom amounts are available upon request:

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Product Variations
AC00020630/60 ABR EX50 lbs$75.50
AC00020746/70 ABR EX50 lbs$75.50
AC00020960/90 ABR EX50 lbs$75.50
AC00021060/120 ABR EX50 lbs$75.50