Stone Tone Monument Paint – Aerosol Cans to Buy Online

Stone Tone aerosol: Stone Tone Stone Paint – in aerosol can

Stone Tone is Miles Supply’s shadow paint that was specially formulated for the stone industry.
See info on product testing– This paint is a definite improvement in quality!

Prop 65 warningWARNING  Cancer – This warning refers to airborne particles of respirable size. Prop 65 info.
Cannot ship via Air

This can be shipped to CA, with warnings noted.
Flammable: cannot be shipped via air.

  • AK000143 | AK000144 | AK000146 | AK000156

Also available in quarts and gallons in popular shadow or highlight colors. (See all paint options.)

Product Variations
AK000143BLACK SHADOW1 lbs$12.00
AK000144CLEAR1 lbs$12.00
AK000146HILITE White1 lbs$12.00
AK000159GRAY1 lbs$12.00
Caseof 12 (black)12 lbs$133.20
Caseof 12 (clear)12 lbs$133.20
Caseof 12 (white)12 lbs$133.20
Caseof 12 (gray)12 lbs$133.20