Tenax Titanium Glue Flowing

Tenax Titanium Flowing Adhesive has been developed with the latest Vinyl Ester technology. Titanium is ideal for seaming, laminations, miter cuts, chip repair on all granite, marbles, quartz and quartzite materials. Transparent with a slightly blue-purple color, Titanium does not darken after cure. Titanium is superb on white and light colored marble, quartz, and quartzite materials. Takes color very well for darker stones.
Tenax Titanium is very fast and has very good workability. Easy to stir and spread. Stays a flowing consistency even after adding the hardener. Tenax Titanium has excellent adhesion in a short amount of time which enables the stone to be handled in a very fast time even at low temperatures. After curing Tenax Titanium has a flat surface with a high gloss and is very polishable.
(After the addition of the hardener the glue will change color but will return to the original white color after a few minutes. This can be used as a catalyst indicator.)
Tenax Titanium contains a UV absorber. Exceptional strength for cnc and line machine use right after cure. Excellent for indoor applications and outdoor applications that stay above 32°

  • • Excellent adhesion in short amount of time
    • Superb on white and light material
    • Very polishable
    • Colors easily

AG1105 flowing 1AAA00BM01

(Also AG1111 knifegrade Titanium glue Transparent)