Tenax Uniblack

Uniblack 1 is a very strong concentrated black color enhancer that is designed to eliminate defects in black granite as it darkens the surface of the stone and makes it more unified in color.
Quick drying. Will uniform the natural color of Africa Black, Impala, and similar stones. Directions for use: Used during polishing process. Bring stone up to 400-600 grit finish. Surface must then be clean, free of dirt and grime, and dry. Apply product to surface, allowing stone to be completely dry by environmental means or oven. Then continue with polishing process as desired.
1MUNI1 After using Uniblack 1, the stone’s deep, rich color is maintained by applying the maintenance product, Uniblack 2.

Uniblack 2 1MUNI2 is the maintenance step consisting of a black liquid wax that increases the black effect on polished, brushed and smooth surfaces without increasing the gloss.
For Black Stone with polished, smoothed, or brushed surfaces. Black liquid wax for enhancing black stone without increasing the gloss. Will hide any defects. Directions for use: Surface must be clean, free of dirt and grime, and be dry. Apply evenly manually or with a waxing machine. Stones that have lost their natural color should be restored with Uniblack 1 before using this product.

AG1103 Uniblack 1 black color enhancer
AG1108 Uniblack 2 black color maintenance

AG1103Uniblack 1 black color enhancer
AG1108Uniblack 2 black color maintenance