Torit Filter Cartridges

Miles Supply carries patented filters. One of many reasons Torit is the best name in dust control systems. With filtration efficiency of 99.9% on particles less than 1 micron, you’ll be more than satisfied. Lightweight makes them easy to replace, without the time and mess of the older bag systems. Specs vary according to your filter.

AA000913 TORIT FILTER WEB II P 190906-016-436
AA000915 TORIT FILTER ULTRA WEB 191889-016-436
AA000916 TORIT FILTER WEB OVL P 511364/191889

Product Variations
AA000913WEB II P 190906-016-436
AA000915ULTRA WEB 191889-016-436
AA000916WEB OVL P 511364/191889