Transparent Polyester Glue Knife Grade by Tenax

Transparent Polyester Glue Knife Grade Adhesive
Used to repair, rebuild, glue, and fill.
Directions for use: Surface must be clean, free of dirt and grime, and Dry. Mix by weight, not volume. Example: 100 parts of resin with 3 parts of hardener. Very important for proper strength. Gel time is approximately 7-8 minutes.
Hardener in tubes sold separately


H: Very Polishable, Cures Fast, Extremely Strong, Indoor Use. Colors Easily. Shiny Curing
Tenax Transparent Knife Grade H 1 Liter Tenax Transparent Knife Grade H is a high viscosity polyester adhesive used to vertically or horizontally repair, rebuild, bond, and fill. Knife grade H will cure shiny, polishes and colors easily to match the stone. It cures fast and bonds extremely strong. Cures in lower temperatures. Not suitable for temperatures below 32°.

H is product code: 1CAA00BG50 Miles Supply # AG0019
AG1076 is transparent knife grade 125ml with hardener 1CAA00BG20